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  • Please Stand By

    Please Stand By

    There's so much fucked up about this movie I don't even know where to start. Let's start with the fact it's classed as a comedy. Nothing funny happens at all. This is a story of a young woman who is abused by everyone around her and through great effort manages to complete one task that would have been no sweat for any normal person but because she is so abused and controlled she can't even get someone to mail something…

  • Intrépidos punks

    Intrépidos punks

    this movie was literally 1 song and like 20 rape scenes. Maybe just watch a highlights reel on youtube or look for images online to see the costumes. Even the exploitation film fanatic who rented this thought the nonstop rape was gross.

  • Computer Chess

    Computer Chess

    this is fucking slander. Jesus. why are hipsters always doing this to nerds?

  • The Girl on a Motorcycle

    The Girl on a Motorcycle

    Thinking of getting drunk with my dog and redubbing this entire film off the cuff. I can't say the ending made it all worth it, but at least the ending went how it did. What a relief. 1 star for everything that happens from the beginning of the film til she actually gets onto the motorcycle.