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  • Black Angel

    Black Angel


    I want to watch every single film that has this quality medieval style. I should look for a list.
    This was a nice little thing.

  • Cruising



    It was fine

  • The Stuff

    The Stuff


    Well this was a real fun time and I don't know why I never watched it before! I had the impression it was going to be like a Hennonlotter or something yeah I spelled that wrong who cares. I love practical effects so I totally loved this movie. Thanks to @bargainbinblasphemy aka artist Matt Stikker for posting about it so much recently and thereby convincing me to watch it. Grab a beer and a friend and check it out! You won't regret it!

  • Creepshow



    dang! what fun! anyone who doesn't love Stephen King is just plain WRONG

  • The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry

    The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry


    pretty typical documentary/biography format. watched it to learn more about Paul Naschy, and i did! Definitely going to watch more of his films. Dude rules. I appreciate how it was both in spanish and english the entire film through swapping subtitles

  • Frankenstein's Bloody Terror

    Frankenstein's Bloody Terror


    *fans self* whew!!! this movie has NOTHING TO DO WITH FRANKENSTEIN but it was full of neck biting and grunting and leaping around and Technicolor red and Nancy Sinatra* and Nick Cave* were there and some dog-men wrestled on stone steps so I mean, you know,
    I'm feeling a little bothered. Be a lie to say I wasn't.

  • Vagabond




  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

    The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane


    I watched this a while ago like years ago and I've been thinking about it because I live alone in a shitty house and I wish someone with a cape would come over and be my best friend but noone ever will because I am 35 years old and this isn't a movie.

  • Hairspray



    everything said this was a musical but it wasn't a musical it was just a movie with a hell of a lot of music in it. there wasn't any mayonnaise so I don't know if I can work it into my John Waters thesis. glad I finally watched it.

  • Winged Migration

    Winged Migration


    great footage. also, rekindled my fury at america for endangering migratory waterfowl. beware of Pure Moods esque soundtrack and laughably literal track during the end credits. Still, though.. they caught a lek on cam and that's no small feat

  • Stargate



    Kurt Russell in his least sexy but most emotionally complex role comes along on a journey to another dimension which is basically just olden-days Egypt. This movie gave me more questions than answers and I liked that. We riffed on it pretty good but not in a mean way because it was a rad film. Special effects were pretty good in the early 90s but later on when we put too much faith in computers visuals took a nosedive. This…

  • Devilman - Volume 2: Demon Bird

    Devilman - Volume 2: Demon Bird


    now that's what I call true love. Can i get a statue of that? i want it as a fountain in my yard.
    Thanks to rad artist SKINNER for posting about this on insta