The Straight Story ★★★★★

"I'd give each one of 'em a stick and, one for each one of 'em, then I'd say, 'You break that.' Course they could real easy. Then I'd say, 'Tie them sticks in a bundle and try to break that.' Course they couldn't. Then I'd say, 'That bundle... that's family.'"

Forrest, if you're reading this, you'll be very pleased to know that I cried bitch tears during that scene, and I would gladly do it again.

David Lynch used to say that "Fire Walk With Me" was his most experimental film -- until he made "The Straight Story," that is. And I believe it. It's sweet and heart-warming and wholesome like a slice of pecan pie, but it avoids feeling sappy or sentimental. With regard to the former, it's enormously experimental for a David Lynch film; with regard to the latter, it's enormously experimental for a Disney film. Here we see the full extent of Lynch's versatility on display. The fact that the man that made this also directed "Inland Empire" is almost impossible to believe. The two are practically polar opposites. If "Inland Empire" was a three-hour nightmare, "The Straight Story" is 110 minutes of sweet, sweet catharsis. Combine the emotionally uplifting script with Angelo Badalamenti's beautiful score and the swathes of golden light of "Days of Heaven" throughout, and you get "The Straight Story." It's beautiful, it's poignant, it's achingly sincere, and it's another five-star film from one of my favorite filmmakers.

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