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  • Stone Cold

    Stone Cold


    Okay admittedly I was warned. This is ridiculously cheesy. It's an action movie with a muscle bound central character, but honestly he doesn't have a lot of charisma. (And what the hell is he feeding his dog?)

    I know Lance Henricksen is in a whole bunch of pretty cheesy movies from "Damien: Omen 2" and "The Visitor" but something felt a bit off about him in this role. He felt a bit miscast. It's odd how Lance can feel a…

  • The Hot Spot

    The Hot Spot


    Yas, the actresses are very attractive and the performances are all pretty good, but the plot is really flimsy.

    I can understand that they wanted to do a noir film only a bit more steamy, but seriously, there are much better noir films out there and The Hot Spot isn't gripping enough to put itself on the map.

    And you know what? I don't get the femme fatale's angle on this. Why does she like this guy so much?

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  • Scream


    I don't think the writer had a clue how mobile phones actually work, or phone records in general for that matter. The police seem to entirely forget that they can get the landline records very easily indeed and that would mean that they would know the exact times of any calls made. *sigh*

    I know that Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox were considered big names at the time, but to be quite frank they aren't any more. And that's not…

  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild


    Okay, I cannot for the life of me work out why anyone recommended this. (I've just tried and failed to work out where I saw this being recommended, so perhaps that was my imagination.) Okay, so there's good news and bad news and we're starting with the good news. So, what was good about this movie? The acting was really good from pretty much everyone (asides from Kristen Stewart - more on that later). The cinematography by Eric Gautier was…