Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket ★★★½

Review In A Nutshell:

It's always wonderful to see the roots of a well-established established auteur, as it possesses the power to surprise you, potentially changing your perception of the director; it certainly did, once I saw Stanley Kubrick's Fear and Desire. I have stated in my review for Wes Anderson's debut feature, which was based on this 13 minutes short, that it was like his Reservoir Dogs; it shows a stripped down approach to the director, but still displaying that unique quality that makes it stand out from the others. Well his short film, also titled Bottle Rocket, is a more stripped down film than his debut feature, simplifying his narrative down to its fundamentals, lacking the multiple subplots that lingered on in his full feature film. I actually felt that this was a much smoother and enjoyable experience, due to its straight-forward approach and also it contains this black and white photography that reminded me of films from the French New Wave. The way the story unfolds, feels a lot like the French New Wave films that I have seen; establishing the problems and goals early in the film, but does not give a clear direction on where it is going. We are simply following three individuals, along with their random and funny conversations of topics that probably spontaneously sprang up in their minds as they were saying it. It's not a perfect short by any means, but it is no doubt a memorable one.

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