Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation ★★★★★

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It has been roughly around five years since my first encounter with this film, and my experience of it this time around has been different. I was only 15 when I first watched this film and viewed it in my tiny laptop laying down in my couch in the dark being entranced by the complex and unique romance of its two leads, that projects a true representation of what love is and by the end leaving an aftershock that led me to changing my values related love and romance. I had my own problems during that time and I guess in a way I was lost with myself, not knowing exactly what I wanted for my life, procrastinating and hoping it would just come to me when I wake up on a random morning. Years have passed and I have finished high school, have decided on a career path, and have understood what I want in my romantic life. I guess you could say I am in one of my honeymoon stages in my life and since I am about to finish university in a couple of months, I am starting to feel a sense of anxiety over the fact that I would be an independent individual filled with responsibilities. I cannot shake off this feeling in me that I would end up similarly like the two leads in this film, drifting through life with a feeling of numbness, finding a lack of direction or a sense of self-worth. Experiencing Lost in Translation this time around feels very different as it I found it to be more difficult to show a sense of empathy to the issues of the leading characters. Though in saying this, the film overall is still beautiful and important to me as without it, I think I still would have been living in Tokyo.

I deeply apologise to the readers who expected a properly written review/analysis of this film, as I felt I needed to get this piece of me out of my mind and write it as a personal diary entry. My next viewing of this film, I promise to give it the review that it deserves.

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