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  • Kawa



    I'd been looking for (and looking forward to) this film for a while, so when I finally managed to see it I was elated.

    Unfortunately, it managed to take an interesting premise about a middle-aged Maori man named Kawa struggling with his sexuality and coming out to his family - tackling such themes as parental expectations, cultural traditions, fatherhood, self-hatred, and interracial relationships - and managed to focus on every single other character except the main man himself.

    This film…

  • Bird Island

    Bird Island


    Interesting premise, but the delivery was a let-down.

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  • Polytechnique



    I hesitated to watch this for a while, as the events still seemed too fresh in my mind (and the collective mind of the country); I wasn't sure that anyone could do the victims justice in the telling of their story.

    Villeneuve pulled it off though, and created a beautiful, poignant, and respectful film that honours the event without sensationalizing it. It also manages to buck the trend of films based on horrific murders by focusing more on the victims than the perpetrator.

    Highly recommended.

  • He Walked by Night

    He Walked by Night


    This is basically police propaganda. Sure, it's technically impressive at times, and the ending is thrilling, but the plot points are tedious and lined up perfectly to make the police look great at every turn (including a line emphasizing that the suspect isn't a former police officer). Maybe if I'd seen it a few years ago it would have been better received, but with all that's going on with the police right now, it just didn't sit well with me.…