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  • The Passion of Darkly Noon

    The Passion of Darkly Noon


    So oversaturated and so overexposed, but ambitious and fascinating

  • Death Wish

    Death Wish


    Yeah, it's not good. But when you compare this to Bruce's other movies he's been in recently, it's a masterpiece.

    In Bruce's recent movies like Reprisal, Hard Kill, or 10 Minutes Gone, he's barely in the movie and he's rarely participating in action. Most of the time, it's just his stunt double, cuz Bruce is lazy to do shit nowadays.

    Bruce is in this movie probably the whole time. Roth barely let's Bruce use his stunt double, which I credit…

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  • Pottersville


    "I'm a furry and I'm proud of it," is a line that should never come out of Ron Perlman's mouth.

  • Elephant



    I remember a quote from Targets (1968) by Peter Bogdanovich. Where Boris Karloff plays a horror star who is out of retirement, and as he's explaining his retirement to someone, he picks up a newspaper that reads "Youth Kills Six in Supermarket", and says "Here's your real horror."

    It's a great line, but a chilling line also. It's saying that people are more afraid of the real-life horrors and not the stuff you see in movies.

    I think Elephant is…