Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

"You're a good friend, Cliff."
"I try."

My second viewing of this film the week (which took place in 70mm at the beautiful Village East Cinema) was immensely wonderful and fun and rowdy. Disjointed scenes made more sense, the thematic and allegorical elements of the film really stood out, and just the sheer sentimentality and nostalgia this film brings to a poignant story of an essentially Oscar-worthy bromance film (come on, if Gr**n B**k can win, this one definitely can but honestly if you ask me? it's much more than a bromance).

I think I had much more fun watching it this time around and to appreciate this film for what it was instead of being just on edge worrying about what was gonna happen next or how many scenes Al Pacino was really going to have in this movie (the answer is still too little). Ultimately, I’m still completely shocked that Tarantino has essentially made a film about...happiness. This film is about being with the people who make you feel like you belong. This film is a tribute to life, as we see Sharon Tate just brimming with life in this film. She is depicted as a young woman who is wholly content with her personal and professional lives and as a person whose life was never tainted by the unfortunate violence she suffered at 26 years old. In some way, the ending perfectly captures what is meant by this fairy tale of a Hollywood movie: the idea that the old can contently live with the new.

I will also never thank Tarantino enough for giving me hot thirst trap of the summer, Mr. Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth, who in one single scene packs a can of beer in his holster, parkours onto a rooftop to fix his best friend's TV antennae, and takes off his shirt to reveal some serious muscles (those ABS).

This is a film I think I can revisit over and over, just for the visceral images and feelings that this film manages to elicit, from the neon lights coming on at dusk to the constant bombardment of the radio playing snippets of a collective history through advertisements and music. I loved the costumes and the set designs and just the entire aesthetic that this film seeks to capture this film is beautiful. All three leads in this were great in their roles about three unique characters at different points in their lives trying to survive the Wild West that Hollywood has become in the 1960s.

Anyways, just needed to get these thoughts out of my system and fight the urge to watch this film for a third time this week. I still have MANY thoughts, especially how this film contextualizes the history of film and references many 1960s films. Long story short, I JUST REALLY LOVED THIS ONE.

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