I am a dumb bitch with terrible taste
- I will never change
- I will never improve
- This is a promise

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  • Pom Poko

    Pom Poko


    deep and unwavering sigh

  • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

    The Tale of the Princess Kaguya


    precious and rare and lovely i wish someone would fly in my arms and keep me from the moon

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  • Total Eclipse

    Total Eclipse


    Leonardo Dicaprio really did speak in that american accent for the entire movie didn't he

  • Twilight



    You know, I'm really sad that all my time as a 10-14 year old was spent hating this movie. It was so cool to hate this, right? To say, Edward is a pedophile! Bella Swan is shapeless and stupid! Stephanie Meyer brought cancer into this world! Anything to fit into the crowd.
    But like. Watching it now, I feel like I really missed out. I would've loved Edward, and Carlisle, and Kristen Stewart is so incredibly pretty. The mix of…