He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.

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  • Sunflower



    It has been as if I was dead and afterwards, I was someone else. Death so close, changes people. Changes the feelings. I don't know how to explain...

  • The Trial

    The Trial


    It wasn't anything personal I was just defending a principle.

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  • Lilya 4-ever

    Lilya 4-ever


    I killed myself and went to heaven and yeah, it's really good in heaven. But I regret it, cause I wanted to live on earth a little longer. You remain dead for all eternity, but you're alive only a for brief moment.

  • The Fire Within

    The Fire Within


    “Suicidal feelings are not the same as giving up on life. Suicidal feelings often express a powerful and overwhelming need for a different life. Suicidal feelings can mean, in a desperate and unyielding way, a demand for something new. Listen to someone who is suicidal and you often hear a need for change so important, so indispensable, that they would rather die than go on living without the change. And when the person feels powerless to make that change happen,…