Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★½

Last Resident Evil made clear that PWSA really loved Fury Road and he mostly repurposes the desert setting and relentless pace for his own personal uses. The mid section which has Jovovich and Jaa walking around desert with ocassional monsters is pretty much everything one might hope from an Anderson film: minimum plot (they don't even speak the same language for exposition), some lowbrow humor, lots of creative creature work and a camera that keeps adapting for space. Just watching the different ways can purpos entrapment out of open space is more than worth on pure formalist grounds. The interplay between Jovovich and Jaa is pretty good too, but every character that isn’t them, Ron Perlman or a cat is better as fast as possible monster meat. I'm not complete sold on Anderson later faster cutting and I think the long opening section suffers a little from that, not so much from overcutting as just filling rushed as if the film was still looking for the right pace. Monster Hunt is at its best when it is at its minimalist, more than any other Anderson film it makes a virtue out of his B movie on a budget skills. Anderson has name dropped John Boorman's Hell in the Pacific as a reference point (kudos to my friend Sean for caughting it first) and that is useful reference point, both in how Monster Hunter two warriors having to colaborate scenario has little of Boorman's meaning beyond the broadest of strokes and Anderson's sense of absurd is more genre oriented than a stronger point of view, but also how those are environment-oriented movies, all about crafting worlds that its big personalities can negotiate, it is more a matter of manner than meaning, but that already sets Monster Hunter far apart from current big budget desert of ideas.

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