The Edge of Democracy

The Edge of Democracy ★½

Brazil goes to hell and a rich lady get her feelings hurt learning that we live in an oligarchic shithole. Brazilian privileged left narcissism at its worse. Sucks up to power at every opportunity, completely abstracts those who gonna really suffers consequences, very cozy at the safe distance of those drone shots. 20 years from now, some left leaning psychologist will gonna write a hell of a book about how the masochist state of mind of the Brazilian leftist in the early 10s  end up creating  all those awful docs on the end of Workers party government that were all about “let’s all suffer through this together again”. Costa does have the merit of finding some good images both in her research and in the amount of access she had to both Lula and Dilma.
Ps: this is on Netflix and if you are a foreigner curious about Brazil, it isn’t a bad blow by blow account of the last decade of Brazilian politics as long as you can ignore the politics of film form.

UPDATE: I wrote about it at length in portuguese at my blog:

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