• The Walker

    The Walker


    This doesn't get talked much, but very much belong to Schrader's recurring Bressonian obssesions. I didn't care for it much at the time, but it aged very well as a time capsule for the later days of Bush's government. It feels for Washington as this paranoid dog eat dog place is strong. The other strength is the acting which is first rate throughout (including some late career good parts for Lauren Bacall and Ned Beatty) and Harrelson makes for one of Schrader's strongest leads.

  • Human Cobras

    Human Cobras


    A tepid giallo lite thriller. Very little imagination, never commits to any aesthetc beyond the most threadbare workmen like take on its mediocre material.

  • The Boy Who Killed My Parents

    The Boy Who Killed My Parents


    An useless experiment. This one is slightly better overall. I wrote longer about the two films in portuguese here.

  • The Girl Who Killed Her Parents

    The Girl Who Killed Her Parents

    An useless experiment. Not a second that feels credible at all. I wrote longer about the two films in portuguese here.

  • Twilight Saloon

    Twilight Saloon


    Just a real wonderful feel for the setting and amiance. Thw choreography of activity is great. From what I've seen this seems to be the Uchida movie made in his post jail period that most ressemble his early pre war work.

  • Moon Warriors

    Moon Warriors


    Sammo dreams. It is in some ways a detour for him, the material suggests Tsui Hark work from the time and Ching Siu Tung is among the action crew adding an extra aggression to choreography even if Sammo makes sure it is filmed in his more coherent style. Mabel Cheung and Alex Law wrote and produced and their touch is certainly felt (Sammo had previous gave one of his best performances for their Eight Taels of Gold). The romanticism and…

  • Kate



    DOA John Wick. It is pretty much the same movie as early in the year Kate Beckinsale vehicle Jolt, only with more dead weight and less interesting world around Winstead, althought it does include a coyple of more solid action beats before running out of guess. Slumming Woody Harrelson is fun and Winstead is a solid enough lead, fatoo long and everything with the kid is terrible and its attempts to fill time with the yakuzafamily machinations worst.

  • Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron

    Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron


    A chambara heist film with disgraced samurai Tatsuya Nakadai trying to pull a big couple out of revenge. Pretty bloated with like 100 characters, but very exciting scene by scene. Hideo Gosha directs and makes everything look gorgeous and the swordplay is amazing and very bloody. Some wonderful reds. Nakadai gets strong support.I must say Jo Shishido in samurai film is a weird sight, but it is one of his better late roles.  It is a big production over 150…

  • Slaughter Hotel

    Slaughter Hotel


    Fernando Di Leo one stab at giallo. It is more krimi than Argento, but the sexual hysteria is very Italian. Very sleaze and punitive. Di Leo heavy hand fits the genre well and all his playful subjective shots make the whole experience even more perverse.

  • Hardcore



    The heart of the film are the early scenes in the calvinist community that haunt everything that happens afterward and informs everywat Schrader's camera is appaled and alluredby everything on screen. It is The Searchers as pure conservative paranoia, but there's something both Schrader's over stylized imagery and Scott's very funny broke down performance that brings it to life. To like this one probably need to have a taste for Scott physical overacting, his every expressive tics, but I always…

  • They Have Changed Their Face

    They Have Changed Their Face


    One of the more pronounced among the Italian polirical horror films. It isn't very effective as a genre piece, but gets by through sheer weirdness and some strong work by Adolfo Celi. It is no Death Laid an Egg, but it remains unnerving.

  • Light of Day

    Light of Day


    A bit narrow conceived. The acting is strong as often the case in Schrader, but the drama is a bit soft and safe. Family melodrama whose restraint is put to bad use.