5 Centimeters per Second

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At what speed must I live to see you again?

Three moments in Takaki's life: his relationship with Akari and their forced separation; his friendship with Kanae, who is secretly in love with him; the demands and disappointments of adulthood, an unhappy life in a cold city.




Alternative Titles

5 Centimètres par Seconde - a chain of short stories about their distance, 5 Zentimeter pro Sekunde, 초속 5 센티미터, חמישה סנטימטרים בשניה, Byōsoku 5 Senchimētoru, 5 centímetros por segundo, 5 Centimeters Per Second: A Chain of Short Stories About Their Distance, Byōsoku Go Senchimētoru, 5 cm per Second, 秒速五厘米, 5 centímetres per segon, A Chain of Short Stories about Their Distance, Byôsoku 5 Senchimêtoru, Byousoku 5 Centimeter, 5 centimetri al secondo, 5 см за секунду, Five Centimeters per Second, 5 centimètres par seconde