His and Her Circumstances His and Her Circumstances

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In His and Her Circumstances, like a drug, Yukino Miyazawa was addicted to admiration and praise from those around her. She worked hard to become the perfect student, the perfect girl. But that was before… him. Souichirou Arima. The instant she met him, she hated him. Without even trying, he snatched the very glory from her hands by easily acing the high school entrance exam that should have made her the class representative. To take back what is rightfully hers, Yukino is putting all her efforts into plotting her revenge – but was love part of the plan?




Alternative Titles

Kare Kano: Mein Geheimnis Dein Geheimnis, Kare Kano - Mein Geheimnis Dein Geheimnis, Kare Kano, Entre elle et lui, Entre Elle & Lui, Le situazioni di Lui & Lei, Karekano, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, KKNJ, 그남자 그여자의 사정, Jego i Jej Okoliczności, Его и Её обстоятельства, Hans och hennes omständigheter, 男女蹺蹺板, Tales at North Hills High

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