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Merry Fellows was the first Soviet musical comedy. Set in Odessa and Moscow in the 1930's. Shepherd Kostya Potekhin (Utyosov) is mistaken for an international concert star. He falls in love with Anyuta (Orlova) and plays the "star" for her. In a cascade of comic musical numbers he becomes the leader of a Jazz-Band and gives a hilarious show at the Odessa Music Hall. Now he is destined to perform at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.




Alternative Titles

Moscow Laughs, The Happy Guys, Merry Fellows, Vesyolye rebyata, Веселые ребята, Die ganze Welt lacht, Lustige Burschen, Веселите момчета, Os Rapazes Felizes, Hele Verden ler, Iloiset pojat, Les joyeux garçons, I komodia tis zois, Vidám fickó, Ragazzi allegri, Tutto il mondo ride, Hele verden ler, Swiat sie smieje, Os Alegres Foliões, Toata lumea rade, canta si danseaza, Hela världen skrattar, The World Is Laughing, Pastir Kostja

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