Junk Mail Junk Mail

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Sometimes adventure comes in the least likely package

Dimwitted, somewhat misanthropic Oslo mail carrier Roy's quiet life changes dramatically on the day he steals a set of keys and lets himself into the apartment of a deaf woman who seems to be in trouble with a psychotic criminal. Though he doesn't know it at the time, his and her fate are about to intertwine and this is not going to be to his benefit.




Alternative Titles

Junkmail, El cartero enamorado, Le messager, Junk Mail - Postbudet der vidste for meget, Kuka pelkää postimiestä?, Wenn der Postmann gar nicht klingelt, Ponyvalevél, Posta celere, ジャンク・メール, El cartero entra sin llamar, Doręczyciel, Почтовый мусор

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