Love, Spells and All That

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Eren and Reyhan had a love affair when they were 16 and 17, respectively. Eren is the daughter of a powerful member of the parliament while Reyhan is the daughter of the keeper in their summer house in Büyükada, an Istanbul island. Reyhan remembers it as “Rich girl falls for a poor... girl. A perfect melodrama!” When their relationship is revealed, Eren's family force them to separate, and send Reyhan and her father away from the island. They don't see each other for 20 years. Eren gets back to the island 20 years later. The film starts at this point.










Alternative Titles

Love, Spells And All That, 爱,法术和所有, Liebe, Zauber und all das, Evîn, Efsûn û Hemî Ew, Amour, sorts et tout ça, Iubire, vrăji și toate astea, Amore, incantesimi e tutto il resto, 愛、呪文、その他すべて, प्यार, मंत्र और वह सब, Махаббат, Сиқыр және т.б., Szerelem, varázslat stb., Љубав, Магија итд., Kärlek, magi, etc., 사랑, 마법 등, ความรักเวทมนตร์ ฯลฯ, Ást, töfra o.s.frv., Kjærlighet, magi, etc., Любовь, Магия и т. Д.