Lucky Luke: The Ballad of the Daltons Lucky Luke: The Ballad of the Daltons

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The story opens in a Western saloon, where a young musician with a banjo begins to tell a tale of Lucky Luke and his sworn enemies the Dalton brothers: Joe, William, Jack and Averell. Luke has, once again, as he has done many times before, thrown the four outlaws into jail. The prison is also the abode of a guard dog named Rin Tin Can (Rantanplan in the original French language version).




Alternative Titles

La balada dels Dalton, Lucky Luke - La ballata dei Dalton, Lukku Láki - Hefnd Dalton Bræðra, Lucky Luke - La Ballade des Dalton, Lucky Luke - A Daltonok szökésben, Lucky Luke & Dalton Brødrene, Lucky Luke, The Ballad of the Daltons, Lucky Luke - The Ballad of Dalton, Balladi Daltoneista, Lucky Luke i bröderna Daltons hämnd, La balada de los Dalton, Lucky Luke og Daltonbrødrene, Šťastný Luke: Balada o bratrech Daltonových, Λούκι Λουκ: Η μπαλάντα των Ντάλτον

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