Morning Patrol

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Does the Freedom of the Sea Exist?

A woman travels alone, through a destroyed and abandoned city. She wants to pass the Forbidden Zone and get to the Sea… Deceptive traps lurk everywhere. The Morning Patrol is guarding and they are on her trail. Electronic voices warn the nonexistent citizens to desert the city. The communications system is working, theaters are projecting films, and familiar faces of older times fill the television screens…She is approached by one of the few survivors. Yet he is one of the men who guard this city now. He will help her to get where she wants. That place from where no one has ever returned, to claim it exists. “The Sea”… Having a fractured memory in common, they will come close to one another. Together, they will try to recall the past and make some sense out of this catastrophe. A story of love in an unbearable world, surrounded by violence and death… What point can it have?