Notes of a Wind Chime Notes of a Wind Chime

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"What started as a COVID response film and because I missed a street in NYC evolved into a diary jukebox essay on navigating connection and healing. I wanted this to be my first truly 'positive' film. If Jonas is insanity, then this film is searching for serenity, acceptance and peace. Also the first film where I truly let go of trying to impress and let all the ideas and influences in. Centering the film—and unusual for myself—is a narrative performance by Lisa Naso that can be read in several ways (since this is a WIP I don't want to give away too much). It is the longest film I've made in 5 years. The archival footage of Jim Hubbard and ACT UP alongside an interview with my professor and activist/scholar/filmmaker Alexandra Juhasz creates anchors that expand conversation of intimacy, care, and community."

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