Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo

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Théo and Hugo meet in a club and form an immediate bond. Once the desire and elation of this first moment has passed, the two young men, now sober, wander through the empty streets of nocturnal Paris, having to confront the love they sense blossoming between them. Ducastel and Martineau's most ambitious film to date and a candid insight into 21st century life.




Alternative Titles

Théo & Hugo, Théo & Hugo: Paris 05:59, Théo e Hugo, Théo és Hugo, Theo & Hugo - Paris 05:59, Paryz 5:59, Тео и Юго в одной лодке, Teo i Hugo, Théo & Hugo: París 5:59, Paris 05:59, While Paris Was Sleeping

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