The Green Butchers

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There is something mythological about killing an animal and then mocking it by sticking it into its own intestine

The Green Butchers (Danish: De grønne slagtere) is a black comedy featuring two butchers, Svend "Sweat" and Bjarne, who start their own shop to get away from their arrogant boss. Cannibalism is soon introduced to the plot, and further complications arise due to the reappearance of Bjarne's mentally retarded twin brother Eigil.




Alternative Titles

De gröna slaktarna, Zöld hentesek, De Gronne Slagtere, Marinadimestari, Dänische Delikatessen - Darf's ein bisschen mehr sein?, フレッシュ・デリ, Zieloni rzeźnicy