The Killing of a Sacred Deer The Killing of a Sacred Deer

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Dr. Steven Murphy is a renowned cardiovascular surgeon who presides over a spotless household with his wife and two children. Lurking at the margins of his idyllic suburban existence is Martin, a fatherless teen who insinuates himself into the doctor's life in gradually unsettling ways.




Alternative Titles

Убийството на свещения елен, O sacrifício do cervo sagrado, El sacrificio de un ciervo sagrado, Mise à mort du cerf sacré, Ο θάνατος του ιερού ελαφιού, Egy szent szarvas meggyilkolása, Il sacrificio del cervo sacro, 聖なる鹿殺し キリング・オブ・ア・セイクリッド・ディア, 성스러운 사슴의 살해, 킬링 디어, Убиство светог јелена, Убийство священного оленя, Kutsal Geyiğin Ölümü, 聖鹿之死

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