The Match Factory Girl

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Iris has a soul-deadening job as a quality-control worker watching boxes of matches go by on an assembly line all day. At night, she eats silently with her dour mother and stepfather. One weekend, wearing her new red dress at a local dance, she ends up going home with Aarne, whom she mistakenly believes is her new boyfriend. When she discovers that she's pregnant, years of pent-up rage explode in a shocking outburst.




Alternative Titles

La chica de la fábrica de fósforos, Het meisje van de lucifersfabriek, A Mocinha da Fábrica de Fósforos, A Garota da Fábrica de Caixas de Fósforos, Pigen fra tændstikfabrikken, Pigen fra fyrstikkfabrikken, I gynaika me ta spirta, Oi gynaikes me ta spirta, マッチ工場の少女, Piken fra fyrstikkfabrikken, Dziewczyna z fabryki zapalek, A Rapariga da Fábrica de Fósforos, Pospoilu fobrikako neska, La muchacha de la fábrica de fósforos, Devojka iz fabrike šibica