The United States of Leland The United States of Leland

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Crime. Confusion. Compassion. They're all just states of mind.

A withdrawn young man, Leland Fitzgerald is imprisoned for the murder of a mentally disabled boy, who also happened to be the brother of his girlfriend, Becky. As the community struggles to deal with the killing, Pearl Madison, a teacher at the prison, decides to write about Leland's case. Meanwhile, others affected by the murder, including Becky and her sister, Julie, must contend with their own problems.





Alternative Titles

El mundo de Leland, Les états-Unis de Leland, 李岚的天空, 20 Messerstiche, Solitude - Die geheimnisvolle Welt des Leland Fitzgerald, El crimen de Leland, O Mundo de Leland, Съединените щати на Лиланд, State of Mind, Dilitiriasmenes psyhes, A fiatalkorú, Il delitto Fitzgerald, 16歳の合衆国, Jungtines Lylando valstijos, Odmienne stany moralności, Os Estados Unidos de Leland, Statele Unite ale lui Leland, Соединенные штаты Лиланда, Nepricakovani zlocin, Leland Birleşik Devletleri

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