Take Me Out

Take Me Out ★★★★★

I’m going to be completely honest with everyone — I’m not a fan of short films. Except for a couple I’ve seen from to time that leaves a profound impact on me. With the case of Take Me Out, that’s exactly what it does.

Going into Take Me Out, I wasn’t fully prepared for the emotions that racked up inside me during my experience watching this. This is a short film that easily resonates with anyone who’s ever dealt with depression or has contemplated suicide. You try to live day by day not only with your inner struggles or engulfed by the sadness that torments you in the world you live but without seeing the one person you cared about no longer in your life?

Writer-director Fritz Frauendorf does an astounding job by crafting a powerfully gripping yet a deeply personal short film with a towering performance from Brian Anthony Collins who plays Bruce does such a magnificent job portraying this character.

Like I had mentioned earlier, I wasn’t prepared by getting fully immersed within the world-building and the set up the way Fritz executed it. As you watch Take Me Out, you can empathize with Bruce. His range of acting and the way he displays his emotions throughout the film you can feel his struggles he faces head-on day by day. 

I don’t know if anyone else would’ve been able to have done a better job than Fritz here because personally - the way he tells this story and the acting alone is mesmerizing and not to forget the brooding music score adds a whole new level of intensity and sets the tone for the film immediately (I loved the score) featuring staggering cinematography by Sebastian Rodriguez that immerses the viewer with surreal and fascinating shots alone that makes other short films look amateur. Fritz Frauendorf’s craft behind the camera is incredible to witness and its truly exciting to see what lies ahead for the filmmaker. 

I’m incredibly honored to have been able to watch this short. It’s safe to say this is my favorite short film to date.

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