Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace ★★½

This was only my second time watching Quantum of Solace which is strange considering I am a fan of the Craig era films, but now that it's done I can confidently say this will be my last watch.

My desire to rewatch this before the 5th and final film was because I forgot what actually happens in this movie and it turns out not a lot. The script feels like it moves from scene to scene with the flimsiest of a plotline threading this all together. And when all is said and done there is very little to the story at all.

You just can't go wrong with Daniel Craig as 007 and that is what ends up carrying this mediocre thriller with each and every scene. Watching him portray the famed spy never gets old. The rest of the cast is unfortunately underwhelming, with every character acting as a downgrade from the previous Casino Royale. The Bond girl is ok, the villain is incredibly lame and some familiar faces have almost nothing to do.

Perhaps this action movie's biggest crime is the action. From the haphazardly executed opening car chase on the action scenes are a mess. The quick cut editing and close up shots make this a headache to sit through. There is not one standout sequence here whereas the previous installment was loaded with pulse-pounding thrills.

Overall there are glimpses of an interesting premise here but it is squandered by poor editing and direction and underwhelming writing. For those interested in a Bond marathon I would fully recommend skipping this one as it brings nothing new to the table.

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