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  • The Garden Left Behind

    The Garden Left Behind


    This is not a film for trans people. This is a movie for cis people to see themselves centered in trans narratives. Carlie Guevara deserved so much more. Trans viewers deserve so much more. Not only is it gratuitously emotionally manipulative, but it uses violence against trans women to further the character development of cis supporting players while literally leaving trans women in the dust. It is a cruel film, and, if you can't see that, you should never be writing about trans representation in media.

  • Blue



    Has any other film made you cry while hearing the sentence "I am a mannish muff-diving size queen" ? I didn't think so.

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  • Fatale



    Unbelievably unsexy & forced.

  • Sator


    Embargoed till Feb. 2nd

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  • Midnight Kiss

    Midnight Kiss


    As a fucking psychopath bottom who doesn’t know what the fuck they want, I approve this message.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Another lazy, oversimplified, and unnecessarily long & violent film from Harvey Weinstein’s best friend. Tarantino casting a sexual assailant in this just got totally brushed under the rug and anyone who paid to see this is telling the industry that’s totally fine!

    It's not even just that it's politically yikes, but Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood wastes oh so much extraordinary talent on this poorly paced, predictable, self-aggrandizing story. Thank God for white men in film and flamethrowers. If only they were around, Sharon Tate would still be alive.