Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

Well, tomorrow it's Friday.
Today it's Groundhog Day.
Sometimes life is just perfect.

It's not every year I rewatch Groundhog Day on February 2nd, I won't pretend otherwise. But it really is one of my favourite films. One of those rated five stars, meaning I could watch it again at any time. One of only 36 entries that I've rated five stars here on Letterboxd, out of well over 4,300 in total.

I don't envy Phil. Who would? Even after what he finally achieves in the end, most of us would lose their minds experiencing what he does. Someone once calculated that Phil had to relive the same day for almost 34 years to get there (12,403 days to be exact). To be able to take the road not taken the next day. And yeah, everyone would lose their mind doing so.

One example - he has seen Heidi II at least 100 times. The film doesn't exist, here and now, but we can guess. It must have been horrible, but it's the only movie at the local theatre.
Furthermore he has probably loathed himself over everything he had to put himself through to get to fourth base with (more than) a few girls - Nancy probably being one of the more worthwhile ones.
His worst blow? He had to give up on saving Pop, the old hobo.

Still wanna try? Did you guys know that there's a Groundhog Day project out there? You can join in if you want. Google it. Or you can keep reading - phase 1 is where you watch Groundhog Day each day for a year. There are also other phases.

I reviewed it before, and won't repeat those words of love.

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