Ready Player One

Ready Player One

The Good

There is a certain sequence where the tech on display is highly impressive. There's a questionable lack of cinematic respect during this sequence though, so be warned.

The Bad

No character development

No excitement

The Oasis looks disgusting.

The performances across the board are not interesting.

The way the film references things is on par with Wreck-It Ralph.

I found following the events of the film to be very hard. Multiple times I forgot what was going on.

It feels like Spielberg didn't have his heart in this one, and he certainly doesn't seem to care much at all about VR. There is little to no explanation of the technology on display, or how it works. The world of The Oasis isn't explored at all, and everything feels empty.

The Summation

My buddy asked who directed the film, and assuming that he already knew it was Spielbergo, I thought he was alluding to the fact that maybe Ernest Cline pulled a Poltergeist on Spielberg, and was the one actually running the show. My buddy was genuinely asking if Spielberg had directed it, but as soon as the thought of Ernie Cline ghost directing this cinematic dud came into my head, I couldn't shake it. Cline is the real puppet master here...

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