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into surrealism and dadaism, but I think that gets overshadowed by me watching like 10 bad German comedies a month.

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  • Mean Girls

    Mean Girls


    My roommate forced me to watch this, saying that a film student shouldn‘t miss out on this quintessential piece of chick-flick-cinema.
    Even though I could rant about the gender roles in this movie pretty extensively...
     damn, she was kinda right! It‘s just way more fun than it has any right to be.

  • Minari



    Yup, here‘s another movie reminding me that I should probably call my younger brother more often.

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  • The Wild Soccer Bunch 2

    The Wild Soccer Bunch 2


    Hier nimmt das Franchise die erste komische Abbiegung. Ich weiß nicht, was sie sich bei Gonzo gedacht haben, aber ich fand das Konzept des Skater-Satanisten-Fuckboys schon als Kind sehr merkwürdig.

  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    🍂🌸Still chill🌸🍂

    It’s kinda obligatory for a (female-ish) film fan to have been obsessed with Wes Anderson at some point of your life. I had this phase when I was 14 (actually, this movie got me into film by awakening my interest for color design and cinematography) and honestly, after a rewatch- there are worse things to be into as a young teen. I could talk at length about this movie‘s flaws, but nostalgia prevents me from doing so. 

    I also completely forgot that Tilda Swinton was in this, but I‘m always here for a pleasant surprise.