Before Sunset ★★★★★

Fate is a funny thing. You might be looking for someone for so long who you think is the one for you but then one day, only one day can change the course of your life forever. You are given that one day to spend it with that person and it goes as the most magical day in your life: it unlocks something inside, it picks the secret lock you didn't know you had and grants you the experience of your whole life. After that day ends, you make plans to meet and never exchange the information because you are young and naive and being a hopeless romantic and think life will go as it should. And then life takes a cruel turn again, and you never see that person ever again. But as I said, fate is a funny thing and it gives the two of you another chance to meet, all like 9 years ago. What would you do?

"Before Sunset" is just such a beautiful film, and dare I say, I loved that part even more than I loved the first one. You can see how much Jesse and Celine have grown by the way they talk about life, how they share their emotions and what they think about different topics. Together with the characters, you think what would happen if maybe something went different and say they did meet that fateful night in Vienna. How their lives would go? Would anything change? And I think that these questions are so fascinating to ask. When you look at the characters, you can see that there is certain nakedness to their raw feelings and their magnetic attraction towards each other. It takes real courage to strip the emotions down in front of the person who matters to you even all after those years, and the way it's portrayed in the movie feels way too real.

In just 80 minutes this movie made me feel so different things at once: the desperation to be loved; the nostalgia for the love that I have never experienced but that somehow feels so familiar; the desire to hold someone close to me and have these long and beautiful talks. I know that some people said that the dialogue doesn't feel real and goes over the top sometimes but imagine meeting a person, 9 years later, who invoked such a strong connection between the two of you that didn't die out after your only encounter in life? Especially if this is the person who you feel comfortable with discussing the most important and hidden things inside of you. With people like that, the horizon can only have a limit; with people like that, the universe doesn't have an end.

I'm just really happy films like that exist. They make me feel warm inside, they make me feel full and hopeful, they make me believe that things are not as bad as they may seem and you never know how things can turn out. In the end, none of us knows how the thread of fate is being spun right now.

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