Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light ½

This film was a muddled mess with Bruce Springsteen songs blurted over random scenes. It was filled to the brim with needless and pointless distracting side plots, themes and characters that drew attention away from the films main story. Much like the rest of the cast the lead actor was terrible and unable to make me care about the character meaning I was unphased by the disasters and hardships that befell the character and his loved ones. Overall blinded by the light is truly awful and unwatchable in every conceivable way as it will no doubt fail to engage and entertain everyone watching just as it failed to engage and entertain me and the people around me. If this film was to be rereleased with the Bruce Springsteen songs and unnecessary political statements removed and the main actor replaced by someone befitting of the well written character that Veviek Kalra failed to present this film would be nothing short of a Coming of age masterpiece.