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Doc Lab Fellow Jessica Kingdon Talks About Her Film Career ‘Ascension’

The paradox of modern China is at the heart of 2020 Film Independent Documentary Lab Fellow Jessica Kingdon’s Ascension, released last year and currently nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award. An experimental collection of vignettes gathered from moments across the industrial landscape, the film is an arresting snapshot of the lifecycle of consumption.

In Memoriam: Picturing Peter Bogdanovich

New Hollywood filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich died last week at 82. In addition to being one of the finest film directors of his era, Bogdanovich was a critic, historian and consummate cineaste. To commemorate, we’re re-running the below interview with author Peter Tonguette, who book of interviews with the director, Picturing Peter Bogdanovich, came out in 2020...

Catch Up with All of December’s Film Independent Presents Q&As

Welcome back! New Year, New You, New Film Independent Presents filmmaker Q&As! That’s right, the final month of calendar-year 2021 delivered yet another bounty of insightful film discussion from the creators (and sometimes subjects!) of our favorite 2021 indie movies. We all must have been very good boys and girls and nonbinary individuals, because the holiday season certainly left us with plenty of great stuff to unwrap. Check it all out below and check here to see what’s happening next.

Nicolas Cage Digs Into ‘Pig’ and His Perpetual Search for Sincerity

In a truly momentous and unforgettable “An Evening With…” virtual event broadcast for Film Independent Members on December 10, the legend himself—Nicolas Cage!— joined Fi Producer-in-Residence and Maximum Film! podcast host Drea Clark over Zoom to celebrate the release of 2021’s Pig—and reflect on his extensive career and unique approach to acting. Plus cat ownership, lizard wrangling and a whole lot more.

Member Lens: ‘Curvy Critic’ Carla Renata Keeps Her Career Balanced

An industrious actor, host and film critic through her website The Curvy Critic, Carla’s multifaceted career has included appearances on stage (check out her and Julie Taymor reminiscing about their time working together here), screen (Superstore, Hart of Dixie) and—recently—at Film Independent, as one of our most frequent (and most favoritest!) Film Independent Presents guest moderators, helming conversations with a wide variety of filmmakers and celebs.

Denis Villeneuve Goes Film-by-Film, from ‘Incendies’ to ‘Dune’

Throughout his career–from Incendies (2010) to Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and now Dune–Villeneuve has remained steadfastly loyal to the independent filmmaking frame of mind. His career loyalty, Villeneuve says, is to story–not to the studios paying to make his movies. Said the director: “My loyalty is to cinema. I have a sacred relationship with cinema; it is like a kind of religion.”

Someone We Watched: Ramin Bahrani – The Price to Be Paid

Watching a Ramin Bahrani movie feels how I imagine it must to be a method actor preparing for a role. So immersive and tactile is his filmmaking that, by the end of Chop Shop I felt like, if dropped off in Queens with nothing to my name, I could probably earn some dough by buffing scratches out of cars, selling bootleg DVDs and, if desperate enough, snatching a purse or two.

Fifteen New Projects on the ‘Fast Track’ to a Theater or Watchlist Near You

For filmmakers eager to develop partnerships for the financing, production and distribution of their projects, no better forum exists for meeting potential champions and collaborators than Film Independent’s Fast Track Film Finance Market—an intensive, four-day film financing marketplace connecting a select group of participants with established financiers, production companies, agents, managers and other industry pros with to power to make things happen.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Unpacks the Biggest Moments of Her Career

If you’re as big of a Maggie Gyllenhaal fan as we are, then there was no better place to be last Friday than the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, where Film Independent welcomed the acclaimed actor-turned-filmmaker to the stage for an extended conversation about her work and career.

Four Modern Indie Directors Indebted to Italian Neorealism

Italian Neorealism has always been ingrained in the fabric of independent arthouse cinema. With its scrappy, documentary-like attitude dating back to the tail end of WWII, I have long considered filmmakers like Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica to be some of the pioneers of modern day low-budget filmmaking.