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This review may contain spoilers.

My favorite thing about independent films is that they aren't made with an audience in mind. I mean yes, there's a target demographic but for the most part independent films are made for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of the writer and director.

I initially watched Safety Not Guaranteed because 1) it it was an independent film and 2) it starred three actors from three of my favorite television shows (Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec, Mark Duplass from The League, and Jake Johnson from New Girl). So naturally, I was curious.

I figured that since I was watching it for the wrong reasons that it wouldn't be any good. But I was wrong. Safety Not Guaranteed is a romantic comedy with a lot of heart. It was refreshing to watch a comedy that wasn't overflowing with expletives and dirty jokes. It was comedy with a purpose. Also the performances by Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass were believable and the characters were, for me anyway, relateable.

I enjoyed the plot very much. And it was well written, even though at the end you sort of have to suspend your belief. But for this film, it works. The only other problems I had with the plot in general was that Jeff's quarrel with his past love wasn't resolved and the confusion about Kenneth's reason for going back and Belinda being alive was not clarified at the end. In a way though, it was a reflection of real life, that not everything gets solved and not everything is explained. It is a film though, and problems like that should be resolved and clarified.

All and all, a pretty good film. I would recommend it if your looking for something independent and fresh.

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