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  • Oslo, August 31st
  • Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé
  • Three Colors: Red
  • Safe

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  • The Eyes of Tammy Faye


  • Dr. No


  • Return of the Jedi


  • Thelma & Louise


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  • Thelma & Louise

    Thelma & Louise


    The way this manages to be a super enjoyable ride while dealing with heavy loads was a huge part of why I admired it so much back in January, but now I’ve discovered that the layer of sadness and reality-punch it contains is far thicker than I initially led myself to believe, making it an even more whole exploration of its subjects. The ending almost brought me to tears this time.

  • Dear Evan Hansen

    Dear Evan Hansen


    This award season’s Hillbilly Elegy. The plot was already iffy, to say the least, but the execution just made it worse. Has some of the worst and biggest lack of coverage I’ve seen in a musical (they constantly stay in the same shot even when it would greatly benefit from a cut and it goes back to the same shots of one of the first scenes multiple times to make up for it), making it super anti-climactic. It also has some of…

Popular reviews

  • Mank



    Haven’t stopped thinking about it since the second it ended. I was filled with such joy and satisfaction by it and was excessively craving a rewatch. You need to see this again and again to get close to unlocking Mank’s entire story. 

    I’m walking on air. I hope I’m not dreaming and that this is actually as good as I keep saying it is. I can’t say it was a one time thing, so maybe it is the shit. I…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    To say I have been counting the days for this to release would definitely not be an exaggeration. I have seen a lot of Kaufman’s work recently, with Synecdoche, New York becoming my second favorite film I saw in all of August, only behind Before Sunrise. I love his originality, and find his approaches very refreshing. He’s quickly become a favorite of mine. And the trailer for this blew my mind. I really had no idea what it would be…