An Autumn Afternoon ★★★★

Asian Film Marathon 17#
Ozu's final film ends his career on a high note. Featuring Ozu regular Chishu Ryu, An Autumn Afternoon encompasses several of his usual themes, but proves to be one of his largest in scope. Not only do we look at family, love, marriage and the passing of time- we also look at industrialised Japan, domesticity, materialism and a shift towards the modern world.

The opening shots for example show us the smoking chimneys of Factories. We see trains, and characters in suits in their offices, and we get a real sense of a business-corporate-like Japan, as well as industrialised. Contrasting this with the traditions of marriage and home life create a real conflict and juxstaposition.

Visually, this is Ozu at perhaps his best, with the colours being vibrant and beautiful. It all plays apart in the story he tells, where their is a bright side to life. An Autumn Afternoon is a delight to watch, with very heartfelt performances and lavish colour. See my video review below for full thoughts!


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