The Devils

The Devils ★★★★★

Is it a Ken Russell film without a hot crucifixion scene?

I’ve only seen this and Mahler, but I just know that he’s probably now one of my favorite directors from his era to do period pieces. Just unapologetically injecting 1970s style in every direction, from using a crocrodile that’s thrown to a fire (ever so lightly??) and then being it used as fight shield(??) to decadently fusing every outfit and accessory to a hippy-baroque (and I dare to say disco as well!) aesthetic that Alessandro Michele could only dream of achieving. Just camp all around, so fun and surreal but with gruesome imagery at the same time. The essence of chaos perfectly captured, it almost reminded me of Bosch in a way. 

I knew I was in from the first scene, as an elightment era ballet of the Birth of Venus with costumes featuring metallic lycra appliqués seems to really hit the spot.

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