Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

Immensely riveting, emotionally stirring, and powerfully acted, Sound of Metal is absolutely one of 2020's best films. There aren't enough words to describe the greatness of this movie. All of the buzz and praise you have heard about Sound of Metal has been more than warranted. This is high-quality filmmaking with an amazingly stunning performance from Riz Ahmed, who will no doubt be cemented as one of the greatest actors of our time. Sound of Metal had me floored from start to finish, giving me a cinematically and dramatically engrossing experience that I've been longing for all throughout 2020. This is seriously one of the best movies to come out of last year and a film that everyone should watch. It's a soul-stirring film with top-notch direction, praiseworthy performances, fantastic sound design, and impeccable writing. Sound of Metal surely left me in a speechless state of mind by the time I was through with it. The film follows a metal drummer who begins to experience a steady loss of hearing. Throughout the film, we follow him on his personal journey with support from his girlfriend and finding his place among a deaf community. His struggles prove to be emotionally harrowing to watch and Riz Ahmed truly gives one hell of a phenomenal performance. Personally, he's my choice for Best Actor. He and director Darius Marder did an impressive job of respectfully depicting deafness and the use of sign language. The sound design here effectively captured Riz Ahmed's character's loss of hearing in a way that felt very genuine and realistic. Olivia Cooke deserves as much praise as well as the girlfriend of Ahmed. She kills it in another noteworthy performance. You really do get a sense of the emotional weight that everything has on her. The cinematography is all-rounded fantastic. The opening scene and the ending scene are poetically fitting and artistically inspiring. Overall, Sound of Metal is a high recommendation!

My Rating: 10/10