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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    He reminds me that you always said you felt old. I want to tell him that I feel I am old too. 

    Yi YI is the first film I’ve seen from the brilliant Edward Yang and I loved it. YI YI is a three hour long epic mosaic of the relationships and life of the Jian family. Yi yi is funny , sad , and thought provoking as we follow mostly three large stories. I loved each of these stories…

  • WandaVision



    Episode 1 : 1/2 a star
    Episode 2 : 1 , 1/2 stars 
    Episode 3 : 3 stars 
    Episode 4 : 4 stars 
    Episode 5 : 3 stars 
    Episode 6 : 3.5 stars 
    Episode 7 : 3 stars 
    Episode 8 : 4 stars 
    Episode 9 : 1 star  

    Recently I’ve lost almost all interest in the mcu , after far from home and endgame I had lost hope. I came to the conclusion that their already overdone formula had…

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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    Raw. Real . Dramatic . Brilliant . Heartbreaking . True . 


    I love this film

  • Dear Basketball

    Dear Basketball


    In the uk basketball isn’t as big in other countries and to be honest I’m not a fan , but everyone knew Kobe . When you throw some paper in the bin KOBE , when you throw something to your friend KOBE , the man was a legend and he will be severely missed as will the rest of the passengers and his daughter Gianna .