Nostalgia ★★★★★

Feelings unspoken are unforgettable 

What a fucking film. Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece ‘Nostalghia’ is a stunning work of art that tells the story of Tarkovsky’s inner turmoil with faith , religion , home , art , and meaning in life. It’s incredibly difficult to try and summarise the cinematic excellence of Nostalghia into a letterboxd review because there’s simply so much to unpack. Nostalghia to me also has the greatest closing cinematic shot ever in my opinion , there’s tonnes of interpretations you can get from just that one still image alone. This cements to me that Tarkovsky was one of the greatest artists to ever live , to be able to communicate so much with one still image combines poetry , cinema , and art as a whole on a scale only the best are able to achieve. 

You must watch this masterpiece , if my review has not sold you please read some of the other excellent ones on this app because this film is unbelievable.

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