Blindspotting ★★★★½

Blindspotting (2018)-

Is it a rule that if your film ends in ‘spotting’ then it has to be fucking amazing. For sure, Blindspotting is a slow burner and at times in the first two acts you may find yourself feeling slightly underwhelmed and not 100% on some character stuff maybe, but just stick with it because once you get to that third act it’s jaw dropping, arm chair gripping, edge of your seat shit that’s just relentless pay off. This film includes the best scene of the year for sure and one of the best scenes I’ve ever witnessed as it’s so riveting and truly unforgettable. The message of the film isn’t as obvious as you initially think but it’s so beautifully brought across slowly building up the entire film as we are put into the main characters position the entire way through so everything towards the end just means so much more. Boosted by a phenomonal performance by Daveed Diggs who provides a very memorable performance and has great chemistry with Rafael Casal (Miles) making their friendship feel so genuine. The direction from Estrada is at times brilliant and daring as the film is also shot impeccably especially in the scenes that take place at night. The editing is ambitious to say the least, especially towards the end it worked so well however at times it didn’t quite work for me as there was the occasional odd editing choice that would kind of not fit the correct tone. The screenplay is genius, the stories simple but the way the events play out means the film avoids pretty much every cliche possible keeping the film extraordinarily unpredictable and original. I’m going to keep this review brief because I believe you should go into this film knowing as little as possible so hopefully it has as much of an impact on you as it did on me. Definitely one of the best films I’ve seen all year.

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