color my life with the chaos of trouble. 

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  • Moonlight
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • The Lovely Bones
  • Dead Poets Society

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  • Yes, God, Yes


  • Seasons of Loss


  • Saving Zoë


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  • After



    how did a british guy make his real accent sound fake......

  • Suspiria



    Holy cow. First starters I’d like to say that this film isn’t for the faint hearted whatsoever. This film is solely for people with a tough spine and backbone; a person who is not easily traumatized. I loved that the film was segmented into parts. I wouldn’t say the film was traditionally “scary”, but it was eerie, creepy, bold, if you will. Therefore, that was just enough for my liking. Some of the most graphic scenes were almost spellbinding, though.…