Possessor ★★★★½

A visceral, hard hitting, sci-fi horror from Brandon Cronenberg; drenched in gore with a synth soundtrack, Possessor will no doubt make you uncomfortable, I think that’s the intention, but it does feel like Cronenberg had some ideas and isn’t just trying to emulate his father. 

Riseborough and Abbott are electric: playing their roles with utter autonomy, both lost in the cerebral ideas of the filmmaker. 

There’s so much going on here, everything from the vaping, to the idea that we’re all connected by blood. Of course, not everything gets explored, some ideas disappear just as quickly as they’re presented. I didn’t mind this, as it never feels like the film is really trying to have us grasp everything anyway. It is simply an idea of ideas, bound together by the alluring cinematography and the subtlety of the films score. 

Possessor is idealistic, heavily stylised and it does try too hard at being shocking. Yet I wouldn’t even flinch at these being a hindering to the film, on the contrary, Cronenberg might just have conquered exactly what he set out to do.

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