Possessor ★★★★½

I really wanted to drop the fat 5 but I thought I'd hold off to let it sit a little before I revisit as soon as humanly possible! This has been at the top of my most anticipated list for over a year now and I'm so fucking thrilled it blew me away. I really love everything about this and I am such a fan of everything it's going for. The editing, the cinematography, the sound in the film both through the score and terrific sound design. The costume and production design, the fuckin' effects, Christopher fucking Abbott!! Such an incredible and highly permeating atmosphere from the first second until the last. There is so much going on here and I feel very confident on so much of it, that perhaps not having that complete understanding (primarily all the thematic threads) is why I'm playing it safe. Incredibly reminiscent of my situation with The Lighthouse which I eventually dropped that beautiful and immensely satisfying fat 5 on, so with that being said it's only a matter of time until Possessor gets that treatment as well.

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