Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

Sound of Metal is without a doubt, absolutely everything I had expected and wanted and hoped for and because of that I am so intensely satisfied in every way possible. I've been following this film ever since I saw it as "Metalhead" on Derek Cianfrance's upcoming projects some years ago, and as someone who believes him to be nothing short of a master, my expectations for this were sky high. Understanding it wasn't Derek directing but instead his Place Beyond the Pines co-writer Darius Marder did have me a little sceptical, but I'm more than happy to be made a fool of once again. This is an incredible directorial debut and unsurprisingly does feel like Derek throughout as well, which is probably some of the highest praise I could give. It delivers on all fronts for me and there'd be very, very little (if anything at all!!) I don't love.

The story and it's corresponding themes are so strong and so far up my alley it's not even funny. Addiction is one of the all-time great cinematic subjects in my opinion and the way it is incorporated into this film is fantastic. Add to that the very deliberate direction from Marder and execution of everything from the visuals and the fucking masterful soundscape to the performances from all, though especially Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci and the king Riz Ahmed and it results in something so perfect. And on top of it all it's also such a deeply relative film and for me at least, just left the strongest impression and had me emotional many times throughout. Still hoping to see The Father sometime this week, but at the moment I'm right behind this for its respective categories and specifically Riz to take home that oscar. Deserves all the praise and slots into the upper echelon of 2020 with complete and utter ease.

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