Booksmart ★★½


This is a 100 minute long trailer.

The film's structure is as follows:
1. Quick cut improv and/or slapstick montage set to pop music.
2. Music stops. Hard cut to #Relatable sex jokes.
3. Wacky character is introduced. Wacky character does something wacky, with the characters being serious and confused/annoyed.
4. Wacky character leaves. Main characters have a rapid fire back and forth conversation that ends with them both talking over eachother, screaming, and stopping.
5. #Relatable 'real talk' sequence.
6. Repeat steps 1 theough 5 a few times, then end film with 'emotional' lens-flare-over-wide-shots-of-protagonists'-crying-faces scene, break pathos with a joke so the audience doesn't leave the theatre feeling sad, roll credits.

Just so painfully average.
The jokes were—with a few notable exceptions—cheap and lazy, the drama was the blandest kind of A24 teen movie emotionality, and the editing deserves special mention because it was frequently just embarrassing—i see you, cut in the middle of a long take being badly hidden behind a dress being flapped in front of the camera; i see you.

Also, dear comedy writers:
Having a straightman character deconstruct a weird situation by pointing out what's weird about said situation is not a joke. Stop it.

That all said...
Gigi is a fucking hero. 
Gigi is a party shaman.
Gigi is the main characters' spiritual guide, like something out of a movie David Lynch would make after a Don't Trust the B* in Apartment 23 marathon. 
Every second she's on screen is absolute comedy gold.

I gave this movie an entire extra star just for Gigi.

Also, i did appreciate seeing a high-school without cliques like goths and jocks and nerds, where high school parties are mostly just everyone being nice to eachother.
Credit where it's due, Olivia Wilde, you actually remember what high-school was like, and your presentation of teenagers is easily the most accurate i've seen from this recent wave of teen movies.
Also the sliding back and forth during that one argument was actually really nice camerawork. It's a shame the rest of the film's visual directing was so dead and bland.

Overall, not as bad as I was expecting—especially from the painful first six minutes posted on YouTube—but still a mostly unremarkable teen drama/comedy that'll appeal to it's demographic, but should be mostly forgettable for everyone else.

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