Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

I will just officially say that I am giving this a straight up 10/10

Reason why I putting this under a log because I want have my record for the amount of times I logged Good Time to be ten.

So you know..


So yeah. Clearly one of my favorite movies of all time.

I get chills every single time I think about Good Time

I get pumped every single time I listen to that soundtrack

I GULP when I see that ending

I am at awe every single time I see that ending

It all comes together in such a provocative and satisfying way.

If anybody were to ask me why I love films, I'll show them this.

First 20 minutes are THE BEST OPENING TO A MOVIE from the 2010s. Up there with Louvre Louvre Land.

Sprite used to be my favorite soda. I stay away from liquids now-a-days.

My palms are fucking sweating just typing this.

The close-ups are perfection. Claustrophobic and tight cinema=my jam

This movie made me love good ol' synth and electronic music.

I heard people call this Bootleg Michael Mann, but I dunno, I only watched two Mann films, and those Mann films I watched can't even come close to my experience with Good Time.

I personally DON'T CARE for Connie that much. I have analyzed this film, and thought about it so much: I still can't comprehend why I love this so much. It's indescribable cinematic pleasure is alluring, and THAT'S what makes this a Good Fucking Time.

If I told myself months ago, before I witnessed Good Time in the theaters, that I would have a movie about a heist, bad people, drugs, love, Sprite, and New York has one of my favorite movies of all time; one of my most thought about movies, like, ever: I don't know if I would believe myself.

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